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Back pain can be caused by a variety of different sources; it costs the Australian economy about 9 billion dollars annually.

Causes of Back Pain

There are several anatomical sites where back pain may originate, including the joints, ligaments, discs and muscles. When these sites are affected other symptoms can arise such as reduced range of motion and referred pain to other areas of the body. Pain can be a symptom due to several conditions the spine for example spinal joint inflammation or spinal degeneration.

Spinal joint dysfunction may be a common occurrence, especially for those who have back pain. The effect of a fixated or “locked up” spinal joint left uncorrected over time may be a significant contributing factor in someone suffering with back pain. The nerves in the lumbar spine supply the groin, thigh and knee and may refer pain into these areas. The nerves at the bottom of the spine supply the hamstring, calf and foot, and may refer pain into these respective areas. Individuals that sit down for long periods are especially prone to back pain, especially those with a desk job or those who drive for extended periods of time. Other factors include improper lifting, incorrect posture, increased loads of stress and any other activity that has exaggerated trunk rotation, flexion or extension.

What we do?

The chiropractor will examine your spine for spinal joints that are fixated, “locked up”, or not moving as they should, along with a thorough range of motion assessment, orthopedic testing, posture analysis and neurological testing. The chiropractor provide a therapeutic approach to care that incorporates a range of manual therapies which may include spinal adjustment, but also includes mobilisation, muscle and soft tissue techniques along with electrotherapies, exercise prescription, rehabilitation, nutritional recommendations and lifestyle advice. These have been shown to be of benefit to people with a range of musculoskeletal conditions.

How can we help?

Chiropractic treatment may reduce or even resolve your back pain. This is dependent on each individual and what their chiropractic issues are. Unfortunately, many patients may not be aware that they have spinal movement issues or spinal joint fixations until they experience pain. Treatment success is dependent on many factors such as how long the problem has been there, the amount of wear and tear (degeneration) is present, whether there is referred pain, posture, occupational stress and social stresses all have an impact on the outcome.

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