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Neck pain may arise from a variety of different sources, including the spinal joints, ligaments, discs and muscles.

When these musculoskeletal areas of the neck are inflamed or injured other symptoms can arise such as reduced range of motion and referred pain to other areas of the body such as the shoulder, arm and head.

Spinal joint dysfunction and abnormal spinal motion can contribute to neck pain. The nerves in the neck supply areas of the head, arm and upper back and pain arising from the neck can refer to these respective areas. Spinal joint dysfunction can cause additional stress on the spinal joints, discs ligaments and muscles. If this extra stress persist over time, pain can often be felt. Other common causes include trauma to the neck such as whiplash injuries, falls, sporting injuries and sleeping in unsupported positions. Postural alterations are another consideration for neck pain, especially those who work on computers for extended periods of time.

What we do?

Your chiropractor will examine your spine, along with a thorough range of motion assessment, orthopaedic testing, posture analysis and neurological testing. The chiropractor will provide a therapeutic approach to care that incorporates a range of manual therapies which may include spinal adjustment, but also includes mobilisation, muscle and soft tissue techniques along with electrotherapies, exercise prescription, rehabilitation, nutritional recommendations and lifestyle advice. In regards to neck pain, posture training, neck exercises/strengthening are advised where applicable. We also have a range of pillows which we recommend for optimal head, neck and body positioning during sleep.


How can we help?

Chiropractic treatment may reduce or even resolve neck pain, however this is purely dependent on each individual and what their chiropractic issues are. Treatment success is dependent on many factors such as how long the problem has been there, the amount of wear and tear (degeneration) is present, whether there is referred pain, posture, occupational stress and social stresses all have an impact on the outcome.

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